Damon System Braces

At Cooper, Chockley & Misner Orthodontics we believe our mission in dental health is not only to straighten teeth, but also to touch lives.


The Damon System was the first braces system on the market that really addressed the needs of those with moderate to severe dental problems. Designed to apply a consistent, comfortable force against the teeth, this system results in fewer tooth extractions than other methods and palatal expanders are rarely needed. The force is light enough to be more comfortable than traditional braces, but the direction of its application ultimately makes it more effective.

Unlike traditional braces, the Damon System is self-ligating, which means that metal and elastic ties are not required. Instead, a slide mechanism holds the brackets and allows easier movement of the teeth, resulting in decreased treatment time. This change makes the braces easier to keep clean, improving your overall dental health, and is more discreet.

If you are ready to change your smile with state-of-the-art technology, stop by our office and ask about the Damon System.