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McLain High School is a Tulsa Public School located at North 49th Peoria. It is only 15 miles from this office, but it feels like a world away. For many children and teens, food is not readily available and there are no grocery stores in proximity for those who are on foot. EACH WEEK …. we serve pre-game meals, drop …


Benefits of Smiling

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Here at Cooper, Chockley & Misner Orthodontics one of our core values is, “Our Smiles are Contagious.” We like to greet our patients with a smile, and make sure they’re happy with their smile as well. Now, here are some things you might not know about smiling.. Every person is born with the innate ability to smile. After about two …

Dr. Misner Fam

Dr. Misner is Now a Partner!

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I am thrilled to announce that Dr. Kenner Misner, who has worked with me as an associate for the last year, has become a partner in our practice. Kenner grew up nearby in Sapulpa and attended Oklahoma State University where he received many awards including being selected a Top 10 Freshman and Senior of Significance. He then went on to …