Cooper Chockley Orthodontics utilizes state of the art technology to straighten your teeth up to 50% faster than traditional orthodontic treatment.


Dr. Jonathan Cooper is one of Tulsa’s leading orthodontic specialists. He enjoys helping his patients achieve beautiful smiles quickly, affordably, and with the best results.


Enjoy straight teeth for as low as $99 per month. Everyone can afford a healthy, beautiful, confident smile!

Why Choose an Orthodontist?

Jonathan S. Cooper, DDS
jonathan s. cooper, dds

An Orthodontist attends a 2-3 year full time residency program in addition to the 4 year dental program that all dentists complete. During this residency, orthodontists focus solely on the art and science of moving teeth, aligning bites and creating beautiful smiles. Moving teeth is not just one thing an orthodontist does, it’s the only thing.

Kenner Misner, DDS
kenner misner, dds

Reviews from the Web 

  • Miranda Reeves Avatar
    Miranda Reeves

    5 star rating   They put braces on the same day as brackets when you pay up front and their goal at the end... read more  - 3/02/2018

    Chris Stewart Avatar
    Chris Stewart

    5 star rating   The staff is excellent at this location. They do a fantastic job of communicating what is needed. The... read more  - 11/22/2017

    Candace havlik Avatar
    Candace havlik

    5 star rating   I highly recommend Cooper Chockley to all who are considering orthodontia. Dr. Cooper and his entire staff are simply... read more  - 11/17/2017

  • Neenee T Avatar
    Neenee T

    5 star rating   We have a visit several orthodontist by far this is nice and affordable. My son likes it here. The staff... read more  - 11/14/2017

    Eleece Montgomery Avatar
    Eleece Montgomery

    5 star rating   Dr. Cooper is friendly and so good at what he does. His office staff are so nice and competent. The... read more  - 11/10/2017

    Robert Durham Avatar
    Robert Durham

    5 star rating   Customer service is very important to me. This group was fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. They really listened to my... read more  - 11/03/2017

  • Kristine Leibrandt Sexter Avatar
    Kristine Leibrandt Sexter

    5 star rating   Worked miracles with our teenage son. And I just finished with Invisilign.  - 10/29/2017

    Maryann Ippoliti Cook Avatar
    Maryann Ippoliti Cook

    5 star rating   Awesome staff, wonderful atmosphere, and Dr Cooper is wonderful with his patients! He knows how to fix teeth which will... read more  - 10/26/2017

    Hannah E James Avatar
    Hannah E James

    5 star rating   Absolutey LOVE it here and their staff is always so welcoming and friendly! I appreciate how Dr. Cooper connects with... read more  - 10/25/2017

  • A Lemons Avatar
    A Lemons

    5 star rating   We have loved our first experience with Cooper & Chockley. From our initial visit through the treatments, the staff, doctors... read more  - 10/24/2017

    Debbie Crook-Walker Avatar
    Debbie Crook-Walker

    5 star rating   I love how they treat everyone.. they are caring and have the best tools to work with. I know of... read more  - 10/24/2017

    Lori Crites Avatar
    Lori Crites

    5 star rating   I visited several Orthodontists when looking for care for my Son. I liked the system that they use and Dr... read more  - 10/20/2017

  • Susan Greek Avatar
    Susan Greek

    5 star rating   The staff at Cooper Chockley are awesome. I am the third family member to get braces at this office. ... read more  - 10/17/2017

    Launi Stokes Avatar
    Launi Stokes

    5 star rating   The office is beautiful with a very friendly staff. My two children love going there and feel comfortable. As a... read more  - 8/29/2017

    Dayanna Yanez Avatar
    Dayanna Yanez

    5 star rating   Very lovely workers greatest hospitality ever and hope on the fundraising in memory of Mr. Coopers wife. And you hey... read more  - 8/15/2017

  • Chrissie Palmore Avatar
    Chrissie Palmore

    5 star rating   If you are looking for an orthodontist that is HONEST and kind - you're there! Dr Cooper tells it the... read more  - 8/10/2017

    lovemygirlsen Avatar

    5 star rating   amazing place, unlike anywhere I've ever been before. so many services and businesses today have lost touch with customer... read more  - 7/20/2017

    Robin Blonsky Avatar
    Robin Blonsky

    5 star rating   Dr. Cooper is a great Dr. with a lot of expertise. I came 5 yrs ago as an adult to... read more  - 7/13/2017

  • Steve Graham Avatar
    Steve Graham

    5 star rating   The staff provides the best service and they are very attentive to everything, including their patients and their colleagues. ... read more  - 7/12/2017

    Ron Malay Avatar
    Ron Malay

    5 star rating   The whole process works like a well oiled machine. Great staff...awesome facility. Highly recommend!!  - 5/17/2017

    Leslie Blackburn Avatar
    Leslie Blackburn

    5 star rating   We arrived early, everyone was so nice and kind. Above all some of the friendliest people ever!  - 4/07/2017

  • Michelle Foster Bonnett Avatar
    Michelle Foster Bonnett

    5 star rating   Wonderful experience! Friendly staff and fun atmosphere. My sons teeth look amazing and I'm looking forward to my other... read more  - 3/30/2017

    Kim Manuel Avatar
    Kim Manuel

    5 star rating   They are quick and efficient!! Love the atmosphere and the people! Smiles by everyone!!!  - 3/22/2017

    Christy Smith Chockley Avatar
    Christy Smith Chockley

    5 star rating   Everyone in the office is always so pleasant and friendly. Appointments are always on time with little to no wait... read more  - 3/08/2017

  • Angie Ivey Avatar
    Angie Ivey

    5 star rating   It's always pleasant going into the office. The staff seems like they love their job. Having braces in... read more  - 3/06/2017

    Joe Russell Avatar
    Joe Russell

    5 star rating   It was awesome. They were so nice and friendly, the best in town  - 2/16/2017

    Kristin Renae Avatar
    Kristin Renae

    5 star rating   We are new in town and needed to find an orthodontist quickly for our daughter after she broke a bracket.... read more  - 2/01/2017

  • Ashley Browers Avatar
    Ashley Browers

    5 star rating   Really impressed. Had the initial consultation and my son got his braces on the same day.  - 1/18/2017

    Summer Nelson Avatar
    Summer Nelson

    5 star rating   The staff are THE best and make you feel like Gold every time they see you! They truly love what... read more  - 1/14/2017

    Bridgette Tomlin Avatar
    Bridgette Tomlin

    5 star rating   I brought my husband in for our final consultation with Dr Cooper before we move forward into treatment for our... read more  - 11/30/2016

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